Thursday, July 30, 2015

Atturo Tires at TORC series "Showdown in Charlotte"

Our partners at the TORC series sent us this video of highlights from the "Showdown in Charlotte" where Atturo driver  #43 Travis Dinsmore was on the podium for the Pro Light Class.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Atturo Tires Introduces Ten New Sizes


Atturo Tire has released six new sizes in the AZ850 high performance SUV tire, and four new sizes to the AZ800 model.  The AZ850 is targeted to meet the increasing power and handling demands of the modern SUV and Cross Over vehicle market.  The new sizes added will further address this growing market segment.  The new sizes in the AZ800 go in the other direction by covering some of the legacy sport truck sizes recently abandoned by many other manufacturers, but still in demand by the market.
The new AZ850 sizes are all YR speed rated with the proper load index to match OE specifications.  The sizes and example fitments are as follows:
245/50R18 104Y XL – BMW X3, Hyundai ix35,
255/55R18 109Y XL – Acura MDX, Audi Q7, BMW X5, Mercedes ML, Porsche Cayenne, Subaru Tribeca, VW Touareg
265/50R19 110Y XL – Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg
255/50R20 109Y XL – Cadillac SRX, Ford Explorer, Land Rover Discovery, Honda Pilot
295/40R21 111Y XL – Mercedes GL
295/30R22 103Y XL  - Plus size for 275/40R20
The new sizes in the AZ800 range cover a large cross section of vehicles from the last 10 years.  Many of these sizes have been dropped by other manufacturers.  As a specialist in the SUV/Light Truck segment, Atturo sees the value in continuing to provide these sizes for the markets where they are still in demand.  The new sizes are:
255/70R15 112H XL
275/60R15 107H XL
255/70R16 111H XL
275/55R17 109V

Together, these ten new sizes represent continued opportunity for Atturo dealers to serve the fastest growing segment of the auto market.  All of the AZ850 and AZ800 are produced in Taiwan and not subject to any additional duties.  These tires represent a rare chance for dealers to bring a quality tire to drivers at a value price point.  Atturo is stocking these new sizes now and they are available for distributors for factory direct container orders.  Atturo is keeping performance within reach!
For further information, please contact Atturo Tire here.

Video: The Showdown in Charlotte for the TORC series featuring Andrew Carlson of the Atturo Race Team

#151, Andrew Carlson sent us this video that recaps the Showdown in Charlotte, and why they have Atturo Tires on their race vehicle.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Atturo Tires with Ultra Wheels Continues the Winning Streak for #613 at Bark River

The first question everyone had when the #613 Double D Trailer Sales & Services/Off-Road Fraternity/Control Solutions/Mueller Graphics/Atturo Tire Classix racer was unloaded at Bark River was "Where's Dale?" The driver and owner of the familiar blue Bronco was on an Alaskan vacation. Even without Dale driving, the team never missed a beat as the truck finished both days on the top of the podium.

So the next question was, "So who's driving?" Earlier in the year Dale convinced Super Stock Truck racer Nick Byng to be his back-up driver knowing there would be a conflict with the planned vacation. Friday afternoon in Bark River, Byng took the time to get familiar with truck as the next morning; he ran the three-lap practice session. The brief time in the truck saw Byng turn some very competitive laps.

There was another change to the familiar race truck. The team switched to Atturo Tires and Ultra Wheels, as Bark River would be the first test of the new combination.

Then a couple of hours later, Nick Byng suited up to take on the rest of the Classix racers. The race saw the blue Bronco start from the back of the field and at first glance many wondered if Byng could keep the team's win streak alive.
It took the back-up driver three laps to get to the front and when the field went back to racing after the lap four mandatory caution, Byng built up a comfortable lead to take the win.

The next day was literally a carbon copy of Saturday's race. The new tire and wheel combination worked flawlessly as Byng brought the truck home without any damage and on top of the podium for the second time during the weekend.

 "First off I have to thank Dale and Rob for this great opportunity," noted Nick Byng. "The Bronco has a shorter wheelbase, but it has more horsepower, more suspension and made it is sure fun to drive. The guys on the radio definitely helped me a ton. The truck was so much fun to drive, they had to remind me to take it easy more than a few times during the weekend. Hopefully I gave enough feedback on the new Atturo Tire - Ultra Wheel combo. The truck really seemed to be hooked up."


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Big Weekend for Atturo Drivers 43 and 151 at the Showdown in Charlotte!

Atturo Tires had an eventful weekend in Charlotte, NC - Nascar country! The temperatures were hot and the dust was stormy, but it didn’t slow the Atturo teams down. 

The Atturo tires really connected with the North Carolina red clay during the event. Friday night Travis Dinsmore raced in with a third place finish and Atturo’s third podium! Andrew Carlson was the fastest in practice on Saturday and Travis Dinsmore right behind being the second fastest.
We hosted a Drivers 101 and autograph session in our Atturo booth on Friday and Saturday. The fans had a chance to meet the drivers up close and learn a little bit more about the Pro Light racing in the TORC series.

 Since a picture is worth a thousand words: 

Carlson clearly demonstrated that he can run with the best on both day one and day two as he posted blustering fast lap times in his practice sessions. Carlson had the fastest laps in his groups on both days, which certainly provided confirmation that the rookie driver was making progress with his driving skills and that the CM crew had his truck dialed-in for the conditions. 

"Our team was confident going into Charlotte after just coming off of a win in Crandon. I felt I had a good setup and are continuously improving on the track. Friday night the truck felt good and was fast. But Luke and Doug were equally prepared and fast." - Travis Dinsmore

Qualifying and the feature events proved to be challenging for the driver and the team, as the Carlson Moto team attempted to adjust to wild fluctuations in track conditions from moist tacky traction-rich conditions to a dust-storm environment with ice-like blue grooved corners.

"I felt good taking the lead early leading quite a few laps but fell back after pushing too deep in the corner. After the restart my truck suffered a flat and loss of brakes from contact in the second turn ending our race." - Travis Dinsmore

Photo Series: Cole Mamer Tears up The Mud For Utah Round of The Lucas Oil Offroad Series

Hot Challenging Time in Charlotte for Atturo Driver Andrew Carlson

Elk River, Minnesota (July 15, 2015) – The challenge of running with the best racers in professional short track off-road racing reared its ugly head this past weekend as The Off-Road Championship (TORC) series visited Charlotte, North Carolina. Pro-Light rookie Andrew Carlson looked to continue his momentum and rapid learning curve that had already netted him several top-five finishes. Instead a wall of heat, ever-changing track conditions, and hard luck in both finals met him head on.

Racing is a staple in this part of the country that is essentially home to NASCAR, and the TORC race was held at the hallowed grounds of Charlotte Motor Speedway. The Carlson Motorsports team entered the weekend riding a string of strong finishes and growing momentum they looked to continue on the continuous paperclip shaped track.

Crew Chief Keith Stamper, and the rest of the CMS crew had the 151 Atturo Tires, Best Western, AMSOIL Pro-Light truck set-up to near perfection as confirmed by Carlson’s fastest of class practice times. However the track changed quickly under the burning southern sun, quickly transforming the tacky, traction-laden track into a slick as ice, blue-clay groove. The quick transformation forced the crew to make quick changes as they chased the ideal set-up.

They looked to be close as Carlson cranked it up in the first final of the weekend, clawing his way up to 6th place by the mid-point of the race. But then fate struck in the form of a flat tire, forcing Andrew to pull off the track and sacrifice his hard earned points.

“The track changed so much from practice to qualifying,” said Stamper. “We had the perfect set-up early on, but once the blue-groove formed it was all hands on deck to get the truck as close as we could throughout the remainder of the day.”

The team regrouped on Saturday, hoping to parlay the lessons learned Friday into a stronger finish. Fueled by optimism, Carlson rallied from his mid-pack starting position and looked to make a big move in the opening laps. He quickly gained the 6th position but then was promptly punted off the track by an over aggressive driver dropping him to the back of the field.

“I’m disappointed to say the least,” said a clearly miffed Carlson as he climbed from his battle worn truck at the end of the race. “There is such a huge difference in driver experience in this class…we need to get to the front of the pack where the experience level makes for cleaner racing. The back of the pack is more like a demo derby than a truck race…my truck looked like a crushed beer can at the end.”

The team returns to action in three weeks as they head to Sturgis South Dakota for the Battle at the Chip, August 4-5. The break will give them some much needed rest, truck preparation and continued practice on their home track.

Travis Dinsmore Nabs 3rd Place at the TORC Series Showdown in Charlotte

July 13, 2015 Paris, Ontario, Canada
After a near perfect weekend at Crandon, Travis Dinsmore and the Sle-Co Race Team, headed to the Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway for some serious short track competition. The tight confines of the red clay coliseum saw mixed results for the Canadian team, as the competition, the track, and Mother Nature all played a role in the success of the team.

When the Sle-Co hauler rolled into Charlotte, the area was in the midst of its mid-summer heat wave as daytime temperatures exceeded 100°F. Then combine it with very high humidity; the weather conditions really tested the team's mental and physical fortitude.

During the day the heat would create dry and hard track conditions, but as the sun began to set, the track held the moisture that was scattered throughout the .8-mile long layout. Needless to say the changing track conditions really made truck set-up a real challenge.

The racetrack was a combination of high-speed straightaways, technical corners, high flying jumps, and a very long whoop section. Friday afternoon qualifying saw the Sle-Co Atturo Tire Aeromotive VP Fuels PRO-Light turn the third quickest time of the session. This put Dinsmore in the second row for the start of Round 9.

The sixteen-lap race had Dinsmore in a close battle with Kyle Hart for the final spot on the podium. The two racers swapped the position several times before Dinsmore took control of the position to stand on the podium for the third time this year.

As mentioned the changing track conditions were a real handful and Travis and the team went to work looking for the perfect track set-up for Saturday's race.

The Round 10 event had Dinsmore lined up in the front row, and took the lead by the end of the opening lap. Early on in the race the track was quite slippery but the Atturo Tires really kept all the Pro-Power horsepower in control as Travis built up an early lead. Then on lap eight Dinsmore seem to lose some top end speed allowing four trucks to get by.

On the restart, the truck seemed to be back up to speed, but then Dinsmore got caught in the middle of a three wide sandwich heading into the infield portion of the track. The contact damaged both right side tires reducing the pace of the truck and preventing a repeat performance of Friday night.

"We had a solid start to the weekend, but Saturday night just wasn't in the cards. Our Atturo Tires
really worked well in the wet as well as the dry conditions. The work the team did in the extreme heat was incredible. It was great to see all the fans in the stands and stopping by to visit our team in the pits. The competition level, is just off the charts in PRO-Light, you have to bring your A-Game to every race, and keep that level all the way to the checkered flag. That's what I love about TORC racing, the competition level is extreme, and practically the whole field is capable of finishing on the podium. It will be interesting at Sturgis, as the quick elevation changes and the huge jumps will take a totally different truck set-up than Charlotte as the track layout will definitely test the nerve of every driver."

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Wanna get a taste for what it's going to be like this weekend in Charlotte?  Wanna hear the roar of the crowd and the Pro Light Trucks, and smell the gas as the mud sprays everywhere? Wanna see the competition as drivers squeeze past once another, colliding at breakneck speed?

Then check out these photos and video of the Big Brawl in Crandon, WI!  Featuring 1st place winner #43 Travis Dinsmore and Atturo driver #151 Andrew Carlson who finished 4th on Sunday after having to replace his engine! That's how tough this offroad racing can get.

TORC Series Spring Crandon Highlights from Dirt Productions on Vimeo.

Get ready to get pumped for the big SHOWDOWN IN CHARLOTTE this weekend! 

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