Friday, February 27, 2015

Atturo Tires is The Exclusive VanWear Sponsor

From the website:

Atturo Tires is the EXCLUSIVE tire sponsor for VanWear for 2015.

Atturo intensively develops tires for the SUV, the Cross Over, and the Light Truck Market. They do not compromise quality with affordability, and their manufacturing experience ensures that their product is nothing but superior. The Atturo brand is valued internationally as their products are sold and certified for the global market. Atturo says it best themselves; they keep performance within reach. When you posses a product and a system as strong as theirs, moving upward is your only option.

They are an amazing company, and to say the least they have an excellent team. If you have not experienced their products, then this is a must for you. Check out their website, their team, and what they have to offer. It is an upgrade for you and for your vehicle. Allow the Atturo tire technology to enhance your vehicle’s performance, appearance, and over all satisfaction.

For all of your questions and inquiries, please visit They provide their clients with easily accessible information, current events, and an excellent service staff.

This is only the first of many Atturo Tires updates that VanWear will be providing. Both VanWear and the VanWear Girls have big things planned for 2015, and we want all of you to be a part of our agenda here at

Land Rover is courtesy of Peerless Overland.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Atturo Tires Joins TORC: The Off Road Championship As Official Series Partner

IRVINE, Calif. (February 24, 2015)— TORC: The Off-Road Championship Presented by AMSOIL is known for incredible racing that reaches the next generation motorsports fan. Fast speeds, big jumps and side by side racing thrills fans all over the country and showcases the performance of key products, especially tires.
Atturo Tires, a brand dedicated to tires for the sport utility, crossover, and light truck market has joined forces with TORC as an Official Series Partner for the purpose of telling their product story to the National TORC Audience. Tires are one of the most important components of a winning truck in TORC.  Only the highest-quality products like Atturo’s Trailblade ™ series can withstand the abuse that these race-trucks make as they race their way around tracks that have serious terrain challenges.
“Lap after lap, a TORC track changes and becomes increasingly punishing to tires,” says Series President BJ Birtwell. “Add high speeds and the fact that these trucks fly 200 feet through the air and land on rough terrain means that tires are put to arguably the most intense test in all of racing.”
Atturo, based in Chicago, IL, has created a name for itself in the tire industry by developing race quality tires in a consumer price range to meet the needs of today's light truck owner.  Whether it’s replacing original equipment tires, or upgrading to a larger size, Atturo offers a tire to enhance the performance and appearance of its customers’ truck, living up to its slogan, “Performance Within Reach.” 
“As a leader in providing consumers with pro-quality tires in the light truck and SUV/crossover markets, Atturo is proud to partner with TORC in this series,” said Atturo’s Michael Mathis. “ We’re here to let consumers know the Atturo tires that perform in the harsh environment of the TORC series are the same tires they can get every day at dealers around the globe.”  
The full 2015 TORC: The Off-Road Championship Presented by AMSOIL season schedule is as follows:
April 24-25:   Dallas, TX
May 16-17:     St Louis, MO
June 18-19:    Chicago, IL
June 27-28:    Crandon, WI
July 10-11:     Charlotte, NC
Aug 4-5:          Sturgis, SD
Aug 15-16:     Bark River, MI
Sept 5-6:         Crandon, WI
For more information on the TORC Series, visit their official web site at or follow them via their social media platforms at or on Twitter and Instagram at @TORCOffRoad.
About TORC
TORC: The Off-Road Championship Presented by AMSOIL is the nation’s premiere short-course, off-road truck racing series. Known as a collision between action sports and motorsports, TORC is the ultimate battleground for 900-horsepower race trucks competing to win the prestigious TORC National Championship. Fans from all over the world enjoy TORC through high-energy events as well as the TV broadcasts on NBC Sports. For more information, visit For business and sponsorship inquiries, please email
About Atturo
Atturo Tires is a Chicago Illinois based tire brand dedicated to the SUV, Cross Over and light truck market segment. Atturo designs and manufactures a professional tire range to meet the needs of today's light truck owner, offering a race-quality tire to enhance the performance and appearance of your truck.  Atturo tires are produced in world-class factories, and are certified for global market quality standards by independent agencies. Atturo’s Trailblade XT all-terrain tire recently won the 2014 SEMA Global Media Award for best "Innovative New Product For The International Market.” For more information please visit . For business and sponsorship inquiries please email

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Atturo Tires: They'll Cut You Like A Knife!

One of the unique design and technology aspects to Atturo's Trailblade M/T and X/T tires are the knife blade motif.  It provides our tires with an aggressive look and lateral grip in dirt, sand and snow.

M/T 35x20 photo courtesy Sean B Coates via Facebook.
The unique design of the Trail Blade M/T is based on the cutting edge blades of the Mantis Knife Company. We partnered with Mantis to create something fresh in the LT tire segment. As the styling of the tire has become almost as important as the performance, we sought a unique blend of the two. The shoulder and corresponding sidewall tread blocks are based on the BK-1 Wicked blade, even including the contoured edges. The alternate sidewall lugs are from the Karambit blades. Mantis is making some of the most unique quality blades on the market. Where else can you put the same blade in your pocket and on your truck?


 Atturo Tires Trail Blade X/T 37". Courtesy of Gear Alloy Wheels. 

The innovative, new Atturo Trail Blade X/T offers rugged performance and amazing style in a new kind of all-terrain tire for owners of lifted vehicles and modified SUVs. Atturo now offers the aggressive sidewall style of our popular Trail Blade M/T combined with a tread designed for performance on the trail as well as on the road. Collaborating with Jared West of Quartermaster Knives, Atturo remains on the “cutting edge” of all-terrain style!