Friday, December 4, 2015

Atturo Tires For On and Off the Track!

In the TORC series of Pro-lite offroad races, Atturo drivers like Travis Dinsmore #43, and Andrew Carlson #151, race on Atturo Trail Blade MT tires.  These are the very same tires you can get from your local Atturo dealer.  That's one reason we say, "Performance Within Reach."

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Atturo Releases New Tire in Trailblade Series for SEMA Show 2015 - LIKE A BOSS!


November 3, 2015
Las Vegas, NV USA

Atturo Tire releases the fourth addition to the Trail Blade series with the most intimidating design to date – the Trail Blade BOSS. Conceived from the start for XL dimensional sizes. This is not a tire for the timid vehicle. The tread design is elementally from the Quartermaster QSA-1 BOSS HOG knife. The tire will handle the same hard core applications as the oversized blade. Quartermaster describes the QSA-1 as a knife made for heavy duty chopping with rigidity and confidence in hard core use. The Trail Blade BOSS is made for the same hard applications off road. Mud bogs. Rock climbing. Overland. The BOSS will command them all.

The center tread incorporates the ‘kurki’ style knife blade as the oversized tread lug. It extends from the shoulder across the center line. The deep channel in this massive tread block serves to pull through deep slop and force debris from the center of the tread. Alternating shoulder blocks follow the outline of the knife handle. The high void ratio of the tread provides superior grip across the varied terrain the tire is intended for. The relatively smaller center tread blocks are linked for stability from the high abrasion abuse of rocks.

The sidewalls of the BOSS feature the same blade and handle shapes as the tread. These are no ordinary sidewall lugs. They are molded to intimidating dimensions. Along with the visual appearance, these large lugs provide traction in deep mud, grab loose rocks and protect the sidewall from protrusions on the trail. Beneath the tread, lies a 3 ply sidewall for load capacity and protection. The overall look is an appealing combination of form and function unrivaled on the market.

The BOSS will only be produced in large sizes to properly utilize the design features. The initial sizes will be from 37” diameter up to 40”, with rim sizes of 17” up to 24”. The Trail Blade BOSS is on display at the SEMA Show New Product Showcase and the Atturo Tire booth 43301. Naturally, there is an Atturo version of the QSA-1 featuring an innovative rubberized handle. The knife will also be on display at the Atturo booth during SEMA.

Quartermaster Knives designs and produces some of the most sought after tools in the knife industry. The BOSS is the third collaboration between Atturo and QTRMSTR founder Jared West. Starting with the original Trail Blade M/T, and last year’s SEMA International Media award winning Trail Blade X/T, the performance benefits of utilizing a knife blade in tire tread patterns has been validated. The market appeal of these unique designs has brought performance within reach to the off road enthusiast.

For more information:

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Atturo Motorsports Ends the TORC Series at Crandon Showdown

Crandon, WI is the epitome of pro-light racing with 60, 000 fans lined up along the hill watching one of the world’s biggest off-road racing tracks. There's no better venue for the final rounds of the TORC series for the 2015 season. Atturo Tires participated in the events throughout the weekend with the kick off on Friday in town at the parade. The Atturo suburban and Andrew Carlson’s Ford F-150 sported the Atturo Trail Blade X/T’s,  and Travis Dinsmore drove his pro-light with the Atturo Trail Blade M/T’s. Our Atturo Motorsports race teams went above and beyond this year, and we presented them with their own Atturo personalized TRAXXAS trucks for all of their hard WORK. We had Andrew and Travis race the trucks on the mini track and Andrew took the win with his mini 151 Prolight. Both Carlson and Dinsmore teams had great pro practice and qualifying and really showed during the final when Travis Dinsmore rolled away with another podium!

Travis Dinsmore-43:

Coming off of a win in the last series in Crandon, Travis Dinsmore was confident he could repeat the performance for the last 2 rounds. Right from the start Dinsmore set fastest lap in practice. Then went on to qualify 2nd, Starting in the #1 position. #43 Travis Dinsmore grabbed the hole slot and led every lap of the world championship race, showing once again they are a dominating force in Crandon.

Sunday’s race would have them start in P2 where in an incident on the start Dinsmore was caught up in a wreck forcing him to the pit for repairs. Starting from the rear he quickly made his way up to 5th by the mandatory caution and going for 3rd on the outside clipped the barrier tearing a corner off the truck ending our day. Travis Dinsmore ended his season with 5 TORC podiums and 2 Lucas Oil podiums exceeding everyone's expectations. Preparations for 2016 have already begun and according to Travis, “we will settle for nothing less than a championship”.

Andrew Carlson-151:

Big speed, big thrills for Carlson at the Big House. Andrew Carlson came from a podium finish in Bark River and had his eye at being at the front of the pack again. After testing at Crandon the week before, Carlson’s confidence was high coming into the event. Saturday morning practice saw Carlson setting a blistering pace, only to end the session early as he slid over the cushion on a high-speed corner and went into a horrific tumble off the track. The Carlson Motorsports crew worked all day to get the truck ready for the final. Because of the crash he was unable to finish qualifying so he started in the back of the pack in the Saturday final. He was able to battle his way up to 10th place. Sunday brought nearly perfect conditions for qualifying and Carlson capitalized with fast lap times and a start near the front of the pack. He showed speed early, working his way up to third place by the midway point of the race.

His lap times were nearly identical to the leaders and it appeared as though Carlson was going to earn his second podium spot. Then, with two laps to go, Carlson high-sided the cushion while battling with another driver for position and slipped over the berm. His podium chances ended abruptly. USAC official said post-race: “No question that he’s the rookie of the year.” “Remarkable performance for a first-year driver in the toughest pro class.”

“Our results at the last race are not what we had hoped for, but I couldn’t be more proud of Andrew and our crew on the remarkable job they did this season,” said Chris Carlson, team owner of Carlson Motorsports. “This has been an incredible learning experience, especially when I think back to how we jumped-in head first without any real experience. We will be prepared next season and we look forward to contending for the season point’s championship.” Andrew Carlson ended an amazing 2015 rookie season with being number 8 in points and 4 top 5 finishes!

Congratulations to Travis Dinsmore and Andrew Carlson on an incredible year. The Atturo Motorsports team ended the 2015 TORC season on an incredible note with 6 podiums!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

TORC: Bark River Recap!

Bark River, MI recap August 15th and August 16th
Atturo traveled to Bark River, MI with both TORC: The Off Road Championship Series and with MORR, Midwest Off Road Racing Series for “Throwdown in the UP”. Atturo rolled away with a record setting weekend of 6 podium finishes! Atturo Sponsored drivers in the prolight series with TORC both had podium finishes! Travis Dinsmore took a 3rd place finish on Saturday giving him his 4th podium finish this year! Rookie Andrew Carlson took his FIRST ever podium in TORC with a 3rd  place on Sunday! In the MORR series Dale Chestnut with Double D Racing took first place on both Saturday and Sunday! Garritt Bancroft finished with a 2nd place on Saturday and Dan Baudoux with Dan Baudoux Motorsports took first place on Sunday!

Travis Dinsmore-43:

After a short turnaround from Sturgis our team worked hard and got the truck perfect. With a great setup right from the start we came out and qualified 1st by over half a second. With a 3 truck invert we started in the second row inside and held the second spot for most of the race before settling for third in the end. A penalty had us start at the rear of the field on Sunday with a lot of work to get to the front. After charging through the pack up to 7th we suffered a flat from a large rock mid  corner. The team worked hard all weekend and gave me a flawless truck and we came home with another podium to our credit. We're looking forward to returning to Crandon and are confident we will dominate the field.

Andrew Carlson-151:
151-Andrew Carlson visited Bark River for a trip with his family a few years back as spectators. Andrew had the vision there to one day race in the series. After a few years and creating a pro light truck and team Andrew revisited, only this time racing in the series. Rookie Andrew Carlson’s determination for the podium was apparent as he qualified and practiced among the top! After a rough first day in Bark River on Saturday,  the team regrouped and it was obvious as he hit the track on Sunday morning for practice he was ready to be among the top that day on the podium. At competition caution had made his way all the way to 5th place! Andrew made his way up two spots finishing only 1.35 seconds behind Doug Mittag! Andrew raced in with a well-deserved 3rd place and his first podium!

What an incredible weekend in Bark River for all our teams, stay tuned for “Keys to the Big House” in Crandon, WI on September 5th and 6th! For More information about Atturo Tires visit

Friday, August 21, 2015

3 New Sizes for the Trail Blade X/T


More Exciting New Sizes From Atturo
Urban All Terrain Range Grows BIGGER

Atturo Tire continues the expansion of our SUV and Light Truck product range with the release of three new sizes in the popular Trail Blade X/T. The market continues to demand larger wheel diameter fitments targeted at SUV’s and non-lifted trucks. The Urban All Terrain ™ Trail Blade X/T is the perfect tire for these applications. The new sizes which are available now are: 275/45R22 112H XL; 305/45R22 118H XL; 285/40R24 112H XL.
The 275/45R22 has been used as an OE option tire size for vehicles such as the Ford F150, Dodge Durango and Toyota Tacoma. With the Trail Blade X/T, these vehicle owners will have a plus size option for an All-Terrain pattern with no suspension modification required. This size is also a perfect plus two application for the many vehicles which ride on the 275/55R20 as original equipment. (Over the past ten years, twenty-two different vehicles used the 275/55R20 as original equipment!)
The 305/45R22 and 285/40R24 are both popular sizes in the SUV and Light Truck segment for highway tread patterns. These sizes are each about 33” in diameter and carry higher load indexes than comparable floatation sizes making these more suitable for half-ton pickup and large SUV applications. Initial dealer and consumer response indicates a pent up demand for this style of tire in these sizes.
The Trail Blade X/T features the sidewall and shoulder tread of a Mud Terrain, which is again designed in partnership with Quarter Master Knives. The sidewall tread and first shoulder blocks are patterned after the QTR-3 knife blade and handle. Quarter Master has also created an Atturo themed model of this knife to complement the tire. The center tread is a highway friendly multi-block pattern, angled and featuring sipes to improve wet traction, handling response, and reduce road noise, while still retaining trail and light off road capability. Where the pavement ends, the Urban All Terrain ™ Trail Blade X/T will keep you moving!

These three sizes are available now from Atturo dealers nationwide.  
For more information:
Atturo Tires –
Twitter - @atturotire
Instagram – @atturotires
Quarter Master Knives –

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Carlson Misses TORC First Podium by Narrow Margin in Sturgis

The hills of Sturgis, South Dakota rumbled during the 75th Anniversary of the legendary biker rally. Yet none of the chrome laden V-Twin bikes were as loud, as raucous, or more exciting than the trucks competing at the Battle at the Chip during The Off-Road Championship (TORC) short track truck racing series. Providing plenty of the thunder was TORC rookie Andrew Carlson, who continued to rapidly progress in the series, narrowly missing the podium by just a fraction of a second.

After a tough weekend of racing in Charlotte a few weeks prior, the team regrouped and met the challenging Sturgis track head on. Despite being the only Pro-Light driver to never have competed on the track, Andrew adapted quickly and the crew did the same, making several key adjustments to the truck over the course of the weekend.

Carved into the hills on the outskirts of Sturgis, the track features huge elevation changes, several tight corners and off-camber hairpins. Carlson was forced to “learn-on-the-fly”, navigating the challenging track at speeds in excess of 70-mph.

A hard fought 8th place finish on the opening day was deemed a study day for driver and crew alike. The lessons from the day were applied to both truck set-up and driver technique in an effort to put it all together in the follow up round.

“It’s all about traction…it’s really that simple,” said team owner Chris Carlson. “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve “hook-up”, both under acceleration and in the corners. Our Atturo Tires have been fantastic, and now we’re learning how to adjust our suspension for the massive fluctuations in track conditions.”

Apparently the crew nailed it as Andrew charged from deep in the field during the second day of racing. Logging nearly equal lap times as the top three trucks, Carlson quickly moved from 10th to 4th and from there he battled with Cam Reimers for the final podium spot. Carlson finished just 0.698 seconds behind Reimers, but the results were a season highlight to this point. It was Carlson’s fourth top-five finish of the season, an impressive feat rarely achieved by a rookie driver.

“My crew did a fantastic job with the truck. They made some key changes before the race that worked incredibly well,” said Carlson. “Something really clicked with me during that race…I just felt more confident…probably more than I have all season. I’m understanding how the truck is going to respond in different situations, and I can consistently push it (the truck) to the edge.”

“I feel like we took our program to a new level this weekend,” said Chris Carlson. “The team is gelling…truck set-up is improving…Andrew is gaining confidence…we’ve shown we’ve got the speed…we’re ready for Bark River!”

Bark River, Michigan, August 15-16, is next on the TORC schedule. The Battle at the Chip will be broadcast on Fox Sports – Round 11: October 8th at 9:00pm Central and Round 12: October 15th at 9:00pm Central. Visit the TORC website for exact dates and times for broadcasts, past videos, point standings, and the latest team news. You can see Andrew and other Atturo racers in the TORC or LOORS series by going to


 As Atturo Driver Travis Dinsmore demonstrates,  just about anything can happen in a Pro-light Offroad truck race in the TORC Series!  Good thing he races on Atturo Trail Blade M/Ts...

 [NOTE: Travis and #151, Andrew Carlson battle it out for who's going to take the top spot for Atturo]


Atturo Driver Cole Mamer and his team were prepared as they could be as they went south of the American border and pulled into the new Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series course at Estero Beach. The new course was located just miles outside of Ensenada, Baja California.

LOORRS added in the new race course to this season race schedule and as many teams were nervous about taking the series to a new stop, Mamer Motorsports was excited for the change of pace, new fans and a new course on which to race the #35 Mamer Motorsports Pro-Lite.

It wasn't long before the trucks were on the course running down four practices just in one day. The course provided the drivers with nearly a mile long of door to door opportunities to attempt a pass. The key to this course was to stay out of the dust, keep clean through the turns and keep on the gas you went through the rhythm section.

When race day came Saturday, fans were lined at the gate waiting in anticipation to see a new form of off-road racing that hasn't been to Baja since 2002. The thrill of meeting new drivers, seeing crews work on the trucks and witnessing first hand the carnage that can go into short course racing had the fans on their feet all day.

The Pro-Lite race was the second race of the day and Mamer had to line up at the back of the stacked class after qualifying didn't go his way. This didn't stop Mamer though as that green flag dropped he immediately made 3 passes right out of turn one. When a wreck on the first lap brought out a full course yellow the trucks had to restart the race and Mamer had to go back to his original starting position.

The 15 trucks took on the restart and once again Mamer went for multiple passes and pulled it off, this time passing 4 trucks on the restart lap. This was great momentum for Mamer as he let the race come to him. A dusty course didn't distract the driver as he battled with Creed looking to take over the 6th place position. The 10 lap race was ticking down and once Creed crashed it moved Mamer up to that 6th place. He was on the tail of DeBerti as they were coming through the rhythm section when he found himself and DeBerti both getting sideways and with a quick reaction Mamer steered out of the way as DeBerti was spinning through the air and wrecking.

Even though Mamer managed to avoid a major accident, his truck didn't make it out alive as he fell to the back of the pack with broken front end of the truck. Mamer pushed through the rest of the race with a limp truck in 10th, but still was able to salvage some points.

Mamer rounded out the weekend with a 9th place finish in round 12 and will be heading to Reno, NV for rounds 13&14 sitting 10th in points. Reno will provide the racers with many elevation changes, high speed sections and one last chance to really fight for a higher points standing before they head into the final stretch of the season.

Monday, August 10, 2015

TORC: Andrew Carlson in Sturgis

Andrew Carlson Race Recap:
•             The wide-open terrain at the Legendary Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, SD was a nice break from the Bull-Pen like tracks Andrew had been getting accustomed to this season, and allowed for higher speeds and more exciting racing for the fans and racers alike
•             Carlson once again found himself towards the back of the pack both days in his qualifying positions, but broke away Wednesday afternoon during round 12 and grabbed another 4th place finish, his third of the season
•             With more top-5 finishes and confidence each time he’s on the track, a podium finish is looking inevitable as 151 looks forward to the final two races in Bark River, MI and Crandon, WI

TORC: Dinsmore in Sturgis

Travis Dinsmore Race Recap:
We made the long haul to Sturgis hoping to walk away with podium finishes, but were defeated by the track. With an issue during qualifying, we qualified 7th and had to start back in the 4th row. Track conditions were less than favorable with almost no visibility. Made it difficult to work through the pack and just after the mandatory caution our truck was hit in the right rear by a truck coming back on the track causing a flat forcing us to finish the race on three wheels. Hoping to recover from Tuesday we started on the front row with high expectations. Heading into the second turn another truck ran into the back and forced us off the track hitting debris at the side of the track breaking the steering assist. Now at the back of the pack with no power steering we limped to the finish to salvage points. We maintained our overall points standing but lost valuable ground on the leaders. We are looking forward to the wide open track at bark river to stretch our legs and take two more wins.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Atturo Tires at TORC series "Showdown in Charlotte"

Our partners at the TORC series sent us this video of highlights from the "Showdown in Charlotte" where Atturo driver  #43 Travis Dinsmore was on the podium for the Pro Light Class.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Atturo Tires Introduces Ten New Sizes


Atturo Tire has released six new sizes in the AZ850 high performance SUV tire, and four new sizes to the AZ800 model.  The AZ850 is targeted to meet the increasing power and handling demands of the modern SUV and Cross Over vehicle market.  The new sizes added will further address this growing market segment.  The new sizes in the AZ800 go in the other direction by covering some of the legacy sport truck sizes recently abandoned by many other manufacturers, but still in demand by the market.
The new AZ850 sizes are all YR speed rated with the proper load index to match OE specifications.  The sizes and example fitments are as follows:
245/50R18 104Y XL – BMW X3, Hyundai ix35,
255/55R18 109Y XL – Acura MDX, Audi Q7, BMW X5, Mercedes ML, Porsche Cayenne, Subaru Tribeca, VW Touareg
265/50R19 110Y XL – Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg
255/50R20 109Y XL – Cadillac SRX, Ford Explorer, Land Rover Discovery, Honda Pilot
295/40R21 111Y XL – Mercedes GL
295/30R22 103Y XL  - Plus size for 275/40R20
The new sizes in the AZ800 range cover a large cross section of vehicles from the last 10 years.  Many of these sizes have been dropped by other manufacturers.  As a specialist in the SUV/Light Truck segment, Atturo sees the value in continuing to provide these sizes for the markets where they are still in demand.  The new sizes are:
255/70R15 112H XL
275/60R15 107H XL
255/70R16 111H XL
275/55R17 109V

Together, these ten new sizes represent continued opportunity for Atturo dealers to serve the fastest growing segment of the auto market.  All of the AZ850 and AZ800 are produced in Taiwan and not subject to any additional duties.  These tires represent a rare chance for dealers to bring a quality tire to drivers at a value price point.  Atturo is stocking these new sizes now and they are available for distributors for factory direct container orders.  Atturo is keeping performance within reach!
For further information, please contact Atturo Tire here.

Video: The Showdown in Charlotte for the TORC series featuring Andrew Carlson of the Atturo Race Team

#151, Andrew Carlson sent us this video that recaps the Showdown in Charlotte, and why they have Atturo Tires on their race vehicle.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Atturo Tires with Ultra Wheels Continues the Winning Streak for #613 at Bark River

The first question everyone had when the #613 Double D Trailer Sales & Services/Off-Road Fraternity/Control Solutions/Mueller Graphics/Atturo Tire Classix racer was unloaded at Bark River was "Where's Dale?" The driver and owner of the familiar blue Bronco was on an Alaskan vacation. Even without Dale driving, the team never missed a beat as the truck finished both days on the top of the podium.

So the next question was, "So who's driving?" Earlier in the year Dale convinced Super Stock Truck racer Nick Byng to be his back-up driver knowing there would be a conflict with the planned vacation. Friday afternoon in Bark River, Byng took the time to get familiar with truck as the next morning; he ran the three-lap practice session. The brief time in the truck saw Byng turn some very competitive laps.

There was another change to the familiar race truck. The team switched to Atturo Tires and Ultra Wheels, as Bark River would be the first test of the new combination.

Then a couple of hours later, Nick Byng suited up to take on the rest of the Classix racers. The race saw the blue Bronco start from the back of the field and at first glance many wondered if Byng could keep the team's win streak alive.
It took the back-up driver three laps to get to the front and when the field went back to racing after the lap four mandatory caution, Byng built up a comfortable lead to take the win.

The next day was literally a carbon copy of Saturday's race. The new tire and wheel combination worked flawlessly as Byng brought the truck home without any damage and on top of the podium for the second time during the weekend.

 "First off I have to thank Dale and Rob for this great opportunity," noted Nick Byng. "The Bronco has a shorter wheelbase, but it has more horsepower, more suspension and made it is sure fun to drive. The guys on the radio definitely helped me a ton. The truck was so much fun to drive, they had to remind me to take it easy more than a few times during the weekend. Hopefully I gave enough feedback on the new Atturo Tire - Ultra Wheel combo. The truck really seemed to be hooked up."