Monday, June 22, 2015

Andrew Carlson at TORC: The Chicagoland Slam

Andrew Carlson - 151

  • Carlson started Round-6 in 9th place and made his way up to 4th where he battled with points leader Kyle Hart for a podium position 
  • The top 4 drivers ran extremely close lap times, with Carlson four-tenths of a second off of third place
  • Carson came across the finish line in 4th, narrowly missing his first podium finish

  • The team is heading straight to Crandon, Wisconsin and looking forward to carrying our momentum from Chicago to the Big House!

  • Travis Dinsmore at TORC: The Chicagoland Slam

    Travis Dinsmore - 43 

    Day 1:
    Dinsmore was fast in the practice and qualifying rounds and was planning on the track condition to change in favor of his set up. However a last minute change due to dust the officials ripped up the track putting us at a disadvantage because of the tight lines.

    Day 2:
    Dinsmore made a few changes in the practice round and made his truck work with the tight rough track. Dinsmore'
    s setup was exactly where he needed it to be and he was a contender for the win. Unfortunately, due to a mechanical issue Dinsmore had to retire early.

    We look forward to Crandon and know we now have the right set up for a win.

    Friday, June 19, 2015

    Chicagoland Slam Action With Atturo Tires!

     Dinsmore and Carlson tear up the track at this weekend's Chicagoland Slam!

    Stop by for the first of many events this weekend with Atturo Tires! 

    Come out to the Chicagoland Slam and See Atturo Tires!

    We're having a great time at the Chicagoland Slam, watching Atturo Drivers Travis Dinsmore and Andrew Carlson tearing up the track. Here are some of the highlights from last night's Round 5 of races:

    Travis Dinsmore-43
    • Qualified 5th -qualifying was a bit rough with track conditions and a lot of blue groove going into the corners.
    •  Truck was fast and placed 4th
    • Travis said “track condition didn’t develop to how we predicted and we just missed the podium because of that”

    Andrew Carlson-151
    • Rookie Andrew Carlson gaining speed and experience each time he’s on the track
    • Finished 7th — Less than half a second off from podium finish
    • Experienced mechanical issue with plug wire half way through the race, battled to maintain position (relegated him to 7 cylinders)

    Looking forward to round 6 tonight and expecting big things from 43 and 151!

    In addition to our drivers for this leg of the TORC Series, one of our local dealers is at the event with our brand new Atturo Truck wrap: 

    Phone: 708-338-3884

    They're there to let you know about all of the fantastic qualities of Atturo Tires.  If you can't make it out to the Chicagoland Slam this weekend, check out our website and find an Atturo dealer near you.

    Wednesday, June 17, 2015

    This Weekend! Torc Chicagoland Slam Featuring the Atturo Race Team!

    This weekend you can see awesome Pro Lite racing and other offroad mayhem at the Chicagoland Speedway.

    Atturo Pro Lite Racers Travis Dinsmore and Andrew Carlson will be there driving hard with Atturo Trail Blade M/Ts on their trucks.

    Get your tickets now at 50% off by using the code "CHIATTURO50" when you go to

    See you there!