Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Atturo Tires at SEMA 2016

 Here's a peek at some of the vehicles and tires at SEMA 2016 that featured Atturo Tires.

This 2016 Toyota Tundra features our 37x13.5 R22 Trail Blade M/T tires.  The truck was built by PROJEKT-CARS who really went all out to make this Tundra a monster.

 Here's an ATV also outfitted with Trail Blade M/T's.
A closeup of the Atturo Trail Blade BOSS tire...
And an extreme closeup of the BOSS tread pattern.  Designed after the Quartermaster Knives' BOSS HOG knife, the BOSS is designed for the hardcore offroad.

Here's the Humvee the BOSS tires are on, from the

 Here's our SUV outfitted with the Trail Blade X/T - our Urban All Terrain tire.  Made for the offroad, but mannered for today's streets.
 Atturo's TORC trophy for our 13 placements across the series by Pro Light drivers Travis Dinsmore and Andrew Carlson.  Both vehicles are outfitted with our Trail Blade M/T tires to handle all of the hazards that short course offroad racing can throw at them.
Here's our showcase booth designed to give visitors an opportunity to familiarize themselves with our tires.

We'll be posting more pictures and information about SEMA2016 - so check back in....

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dinsmore Racing Labor Day Weekend TORC Race Report from Crandon , WI

Travis Dinsmore and the Atturo Tires/ Sle-Co #43 Team headed to Crandon Wi. Labour Day weekend for the final round of TORC and the Red Bull World Cup.

The team new they would be fast and during practice the times showed that this truck would be hard to beat. Greg said “when we downloaded the lap times we knew the truck and Travis were ready, the difference between lap times did not vary by more than 3/10ths of a second on this long raceway”

Qualifying came on Saturday morning and Travis was conservative qualifying in the #6 spot, this was good, it would put the truck in a spot for the land-rush start that would give Travis a straight run to #1 corner.

When the flag waved for round 13 Travis and the #43 shot out into the lead through corner one, every lap Travis hit his marks on this high speed track and lead the field by the mandatory caution.

When the restart came Travis and the Atturo Tires #43 again jumped into the lead and finished 1st leading from flag to flag.

Sunday's qualifying for the World Cup Race would see the #43 in the second spot for the start of the race. When the race started lack of traction through a mud hole slowed the acceleration and Travis come out of corner 1 in the 8th spot.

The next few laps showed the skill of the driver and the speed of the #43 rocket when on lap 3, Travis drove his truck into the 1st position, making clean passes in the corners and out-accelerating the other trucks with the grip he found from his Atturo tires. When the mandatory caution came Travis was ready.

On the drop of the flag and once again the Sle-Co entry launched out into the lead and continued to hold off the other racers. With 2 laps remaining Travis came on the radio “the engine has started to make a different noise from the exhaust, something sounds wrong” with no smoke from the exhaust he was told to proceed and try to maintain the pace he was used to. With one lap left the radio silence broke again, “the engine has begun to pop through the carb and is laying down, it is getting lazy losing power bad.”

As the lap proceeded Travis nursed the #43 Atturo Tire/Sle-Co Pro light to the finish in 2nd place, a broken Valve Spring had taken away the World Cup win.

Thanks to all our sponsors for a great year!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Carlson Finishes Sophomore TORC Season Top-10 in Atturo Pro Light Points


Carlson Moto wrapped up the 2016 TORC: The Off-Road Championship season with some exciting racing Labor Day Weekend at The Big House, Crandon International Raceway in Crandon, Wis. The weekend drew record crowds, exceeding 25,000, and the racing action did not disappoint as the world’s best off-road racers converged for a season finale, Battle Royale.

Competition in the hotly contested Pro Light Class was at an all-time high with 20 trucks entered, including some of the top drivers from the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series on the West Coast. Through the bangin’, bashin’, slippin’ and slidin’, Carlson managed to pull off an impressive 6th place finish on Sunday, after a frustrating run on Saturday in which Carlson was clobbered from all sides, sending him from just outside of a podium spot to deep in the pack in a blink of an eye. So goes off-road truck racing.

The CM Crew will go into the off-season with a solid understanding of what needs to be done to improve the truck for next season, and Carlson will take a pocket full of lessons learned on the track this season into next year when he mounts a serious attack for the Pro Light Points Championship.
Carlson ended the season with an eighth place finish in Pro Light Points, which is a reflection of several poor finishes related to freakish mechanical failures or unfortunate driver errors. The season was highlighted by a huge win on Carlson’s home track, ERX Motorpark in Elk River, and by two other podium finishes in Crandon International Off-Road Raceway and at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The great news is that both Carlson and the CM Crew know what needs to happen in the off-season to prepare for next year, and there’s no question that this team will do what it takes to put a top-notch program on the track next year.

“This was one of those seasons with high-highs and low-lows,” Carlson said with a dirt-inspired grin. “When we didn’t have mechanical issues, and when I drove the truck at the level I’m capable of, we were usually one of the fastest trucks on the track. Next year is going to be all about being consistent, smooth and spooky fast! I’m already looking forward to the first race.”

CM off-road program manager and master-tuner, Jesse Heise, summed up the season. “In just his second season racing trucks, Andrew was able to earn three podiums and his first big win,” Heise said. “We had some tough mechanical luck this year, and he made a few rookie mistakes, but overall, it was a season where we proved that we are a force to be reckoned with. Any of our competitors who take us lightly next season will be in for a huge surprise—we’ve got a wheelman who has proven that he can win, and our truck will be best-in-class. It’s a combination needed to chase a points championship.”

The entire Carlson Moto organization would like to thank our world class sponsors for all of their support.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bitter Sweet Results for Atturo Driver Travis Dinsmore at Bark River TORC Series

The weather at Bark River could not have been better for the 41st running of the Bark River race. The track was great and Travis and the Atturo Tires / SleCo #43 were excited to challenge this technical layout

The truck showed speed during Friday`s practice, running fastest lap in one practice session with Travis being able to position the truck where ever he wanted on the track ``I like the set up`` Travis said `` lets prep it and leave it``

Qualifying came Saturday morning and the team was ready, during qualifying the electronic transmitter that times the laps failed and was sending no lap times to USAC control, during this time USAC manually timed the #43 and Travis laid down the fastest lap. During meetings it was decided that manual timing could not be used for qualifying and the #43 would have to start at the rear.

In the start of the race Travis advanced forward quickly getting to 5th place in 3 laps when another truck forced him off the track, When Travis entered back onto the circuit he was now in 8th. The #43 ran flawless to the mandatory caution working its way back up to 6th. As the green flag flew again Travis and the #43 moved into 5th but luck would elude the team on the next lap, a power steering hose failure would erupt the truck into flames ending the day.

Quick response by the Track Safety Crew would extinguish the flames to cause minimal harm. The Cool It Thermo Tec heat barriers saved the valuable parts of the engine compartment and the team worked into the night to resolve the minor fire damage.

Sunday Travis started in the 3rd row and by corner 1 would have the #43 in the 3rd spot, as the next couple laps unfolded Travis was in second closing on 1st place when the mandatory caution came out. The second half of the race would prove to be one of the best fought battles in Pro Light in a long time. Kyle Hart, the points leader,  jumped into second place on the restart.

Travis, reluctant to give up this position and valuable points, raced Kyle clean and hard, passing him on lap 7 for the second spot. The following 3 laps had the stands on their feet as Kyle would get inside and outside of Travis but the #43 hotrod was driven with perfection to stay ahead of Kyle and race clean to a second place finish.

Hats off to these 2 drivers for racing so well and giving the fans a great race to watch!

Travis races on Atturo Trail Blade M/T tires.  Visit for more information on this and our other great tires. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dinsmore Closes Points Gap at ERX Motor Park Twin Cities Takedown Event

After a great run at Crandon, the team set their goals high heading to the new track in Elk River Minnesota - ERX Motor Park. With an 18 Point gap between the first place truck of Kyle Hart and Travis, the team prepped and set the truck for podium finishes. When the truck hit the track for practice at the beautiful rolling groomed ERX track Travis and the #43 showed promising speed on this new technical race surface. “I like it “ Travis said.

Qualifying would put the Atturo Tires, Sle-Co Ford on the front row for the start of Saturday's race. When the green flag dropped Travis chased the first place truck, Atturo teammate Andrew Carlson #151 for the whole race, challenging him a couple times but unable to safely make the pass stick. As the race progressed the track with its new surface began to rut up really bad causing many teams to have problems forcing them further back in the field. With 4 laps left the #43 team decided to take it easy and bring the truck to the checkers in one piece in a comfortable 2nd place finish.


Saturday night saw heavy rain fall which helped to bond the track dirt together, the track design allowed water to drain away so the track was perfect and ready for Sundays race.

Sunday would see Travis and the #43 Pro Light start in the 3rd row. When the race started the Atturo Tire / Sle-Co Ford fell back a little to 8th place as the race sorted itself out and Travis avoided harmful contact from hard chargers in the opening laps. Travis worked his way to the 5th position by the mandatory caution as was ready for his charge. In a caution filled second half of the race the #43 was driven with precision through the field and wrecks. With 3 laps left Travis had worked his way into the second spot but another caution forced him back to his last lap position of 3rd with 2 laps left.

When the race restarted Travis drove with winning in his eyes, he managed to get around 2nd to take the spot and closed in on 1st place during the last lap. Travis drove hard through the rhythm section to the last corner before the checkers going hard to drive inside the #27 of Shawn Morris trying to take the win. As he entered the corner he biked the truck on 2 wheels leaning it against Morris for a thrilling dash to the flag. When the flag waved it was Morris 1st and Travis second. “I had to go for it, if it hadn’t have biked I would of had him, needed 1 more lap” Travis exclaimed “I ate a lot of dirt and went through almost a roll of tear off in the Mud Muncher”.

The team and Driver have worked hard and managed to click off a few more points they are looking forward to another fast track at Bark River Mi. July 30-31st.

All races can be watched live the day of the race at