Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Big Weekend for Atturo Drivers 43 and 151 at the Showdown in Charlotte!

Atturo Tires had an eventful weekend in Charlotte, NC - Nascar country! The temperatures were hot and the dust was stormy, but it didn’t slow the Atturo teams down. 

The Atturo tires really connected with the North Carolina red clay during the event. Friday night Travis Dinsmore raced in with a third place finish and Atturo’s third podium! Andrew Carlson was the fastest in practice on Saturday and Travis Dinsmore right behind being the second fastest.
We hosted a Drivers 101 and autograph session in our Atturo booth on Friday and Saturday. The fans had a chance to meet the drivers up close and learn a little bit more about the Pro Light racing in the TORC series.

 Since a picture is worth a thousand words: 

Carlson clearly demonstrated that he can run with the best on both day one and day two as he posted blustering fast lap times in his practice sessions. Carlson had the fastest laps in his groups on both days, which certainly provided confirmation that the rookie driver was making progress with his driving skills and that the CM crew had his truck dialed-in for the conditions. 

"Our team was confident going into Charlotte after just coming off of a win in Crandon. I felt I had a good setup and are continuously improving on the track. Friday night the truck felt good and was fast. But Luke and Doug were equally prepared and fast." - Travis Dinsmore

Qualifying and the feature events proved to be challenging for the driver and the team, as the Carlson Moto team attempted to adjust to wild fluctuations in track conditions from moist tacky traction-rich conditions to a dust-storm environment with ice-like blue grooved corners.

"I felt good taking the lead early leading quite a few laps but fell back after pushing too deep in the corner. After the restart my truck suffered a flat and loss of brakes from contact in the second turn ending our race." - Travis Dinsmore

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