Friday, June 16, 2017

Gross - Earhart Race Team Sends Atturo Greetings From Baja 500

We received word recently on Instagram that the off road race team of Gross-Earhart (Co-drivers Cooper Gross and Jeff Earhart, and builder Mike McComas) just completed their first Baja 500 off road race in their Ford F-150 that Mike McComas originally built the truck as a Factory Ford Race Truck in 1996.

Since then, the truck has won its class in the Baja 500 eight times. The nearly 600HP truck has been specially designed and equipped to handle just about anything Baja can throw at her. Especially since their renovated vehicle sports  Atturo Trail Blade M/T tires.

Here's what Cooper had to say:

"Thank you, Atturo Tires for being such a huge part of our team. The TrailBlade M/T exceeded all expectations. We never once had any traction issues.  Mud, silt, hard pack, asphalt, rocks the size of basketballs. They looked as good mounted on those Method Race Wheels at the end of our race as they did when we started. In fact where other racers were bogging down running the mighty BFGs we were pulling them out with ease. We look forward to the 1000!"

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The New Mitsubishi NZ Triton Huntaway Sports Atturo Trail Blade MT Tyres!

Mitsubishi NZ just unveiled their new TRITON HUNTAWAY  "ute" (utility vehicle) for the New Zealand market.

This isn't a vehicle model that's for sale, but is built to demonstrate all of the cool mods one can make with the Triton using aftermarket accessories to replace OEM parts or as add-ons.

All of the customizations can be found here, but the most significant one is the pairing of DTM Fuel Ripper 20 inch wheels with Atturo Trail Blade M/T tyres.  This gives the Triton Huntaway a stance that's over 100mm above a regular Triton.

Visit our website and see how you can modify your truck or Jeep's stance with the Trail Blade series of tires (or tyres if you prefer).  They're aggressive styled and packed with off road performance!

Check out the video and see for yourself...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Best Wishes from The Bantam Heritage Jeep Festival

Atturo had a fantastic weekend in Butler, PA sponsoring activities at the Bantam Heritage Jeep Festival.  Definitely the place to be in Butler, PA as attendees, exhibitors and drivers gathered together to discuss (and "do")  all things Jeep.

Part of the fun was the Babes of Bantam Jeep Trail Ride that was sponsored by Atturo.  All lady drivers took to the trail for a rocky Pennsylvania ride.

Here's RuBARKon  which sports our Atturo Trail Blade BOSS tires.  You can read this Jeep's amazing origin story here.


And of course, we had plenty of Atturo Tires out and ready for display and sale.

Check out our Instagram Page for more exciting shots of the weekend!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Atturo This Weekend!

This weekend, we will be spread around the country as we attend the following events to meet you: 

Nathan and Kevin will be attending the TORC races for Rounds 3 & 4 in Elk River, MN (ERX Motorsports).  The race is Saturday and Sunday, and we will have drivers: Andrew Carlson #151 in the Pro-Light racing on the Trail Blade M/T 265/7516; In the Pro-2 will be #31 Scott Mueller.

TORC Round 3 & 4 – ERX (Elk River, MN) (Saturday, Sunday)

We are also traveling to Butler, PA for Bantam Jeep Festival. We have sponsored a trail ride during Saturday where only 100 female Jeep owners will each be given an Atturo bag with a T-Shirt inside, and a Bandana with tire tips.  On the T-Shirt they have put the Atturo hex logo along with the Bantam Jeep Festival Logo.  

Bantam Jeep Festival – Butler, PA (Friday , Saturday , Sunday)

Look for the Atturo Booth at both events for all sorts of Atturo Gear

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Chicago Veterans Ruck March is Tomorrow!

Last year over 1,200 veterans, family members & supporters, laced up their boots and strapped on their backpacks to Ruck 22 Miles to honor and remember those we lost at home and on the battle field.

A new study released this year shows the number of veteran suicides have dropped from 22 to 20 veterans a day. What we and other organizations are doing collectively is making a difference. So on May 26th 2017, we will be hosting our 4th annual Ruck March but this year we are rucking 20 miles!

Together lets raise awareness of veteran suicide and help end this epidemic. If you’re as passionate about our cause as much as we are, we encourage you to create a fundraising page, volunteer for the event, sign up for the ruck march, or do all 3! This will be an amazing and emotional event we know you will be proud of. All of us at Atturo Tire are proud to be a sponsor of this event.

Visit Chicago Veterans to learn more about this great organization.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Expedition SEMA to Cross Six States on Atturo Tires


The Garage Shop Owner and Driver, Aaron Brown, and his trusted navigator, Ed Goff, Owner of Goff Metal Fab, have teamed up with Performance Plus Oils for the second annual Expedition SEMA adventure. Expedition SEMA will start their trek at the Performance Plus Oils - Safety Kleen corporate offices in Independence Missouri with a send-off party on Oct. 10th 2017. Then the adventure begins as Expedition SEMA hits the first of many dirt trails, the Oregon Trail.

These two seasoned racers and fabricators will complete the journey in a fully rebuilt 1970 Toyota FJ-40 Land Cruiser dubbed the ‘Rat.’ Expedition SEMA is a solo journey, the team has no backup or chase crew, Aaron and Ed are on their own and will carry all tools and supplies necessary to survive.


Expedition SEMA 2017 travels across the Oregon Trail through 6 states. Once they hit the Owyhee Wilderness area in Idaho they will head south towards Salt Lake City making a stop at the Golden Spike where the first transcontinental railroad met east and west lines. Next stop is the Bonneville Salt Flats to celebrate a 10 year anniversary where the Dodge 71 stock car built by Aaron Brown crushed the world record with a 244.9 MPH run in 2007. From there Expedition SEMA takes the Pony Express east, then turns south through Moab, Needles, Zion, Northern AZ and on to Las Vegas.

3,800 Miles, 20 days, 15 ghost towns, abandoned mining districts, Pony Express stops, dirt roads, OHV trails and tough mountain terrain; this is Expedition SEMA 2017! The northern route faces weather obstacles; the trails are harder and the locations more remote as Aaron and Ed venture deep into the Wild West wilderness.

Follow Along: All season long, The Garage Shop will post updates as they prep for this epic adventure. Come Oct. 10th Expedition SEMA will be posting Daily Trip Reports to the The Garage Shop Facebook page. Search #ExpeditionSEMA for content.


Congratulations to the Plainfield South High School Fishing Team! Proudly Sponsored by Atturo Tire

Plainfield South High School Bass Fishing Team Won the Illinois B.A.S.S. Nation State Championship @ Lake Clinton on May 6th 2017. The Team of Ryan Park and Tommy ( Scoop ) McDonald Coached by Jim Nelson brought 3 fish to the scales weighing in at 16.54lbs. The Big Bass of 7.67lbs was bigger than the net but Scoop got him in the net anyway. 

Second Place was a Marion High School L.Owens & C. Mayfield with 12.95lbs and Third place team from Buffalo Grove High School Tyler Lubbat and Nolan Siara with 10.65lbs. Plainfield South Bass Fishing team is Coached by Pat Scanlan , Bob Bobich, Jim Nelson and Bud Edmunds as Full time coaches as well as Roumel Renyon, and Pat Harrison and Matt Arambasich & Arron Lang as assistant Coaches.